Meet the dreamer


After bouncing back resiliently from traumatic adversities within her own personal life, Adjusting Fate founder, Regan (Arsee) Hahn, grew an overwhelming desire to help others overcome similar feats. Sparking what would become her life’s purpose, to empower others on their road towards maximal wellness.

In 2012, Adjusting Fate was founded. With an education in Sports Medicine and five nationally accredited health and wellness certifications under her belt, she led countless clients towards health and fitness success. Miss Hahn has appeared on NBC’s the Doctors, worked in the outreach department for organizations including the NHL, MLS, NBA, and held executive seat on one of the nation’s most recognizable fitness franchises.

In late 2016, she took a leap of faith and pitched her self-proclaimed dream job title. A fitness franchise with an open location in Kansas City, MO believed in her, at the time, “crazy” ideals. Moving her from Los Angeles, CA, with the opportunity to pursue the next phase of the big vision. Since joining this team, Miss Hahn’s ideals have not disappointed. Presenting internationally to hundreds of industry executives on the importance of community engagement and successfully increasing outreach and giveback efforts over 300%. Resulting in a drastic spike of company revenue while simultaneously contributing tens of thousands towards non-profit efforts. Generating the ultimate win, win! All while still managing to find time to serve on multiple boards and committees within her community.

2018 launched a new era. Announcing, “If we’re going to help more people truly achieve overall wellness, we have to collaborate with more people who are equally willing to help others win!” Giving birth to the next evolution of Adjusting Fate. A community within itself, a platform, dedicated to making a positive impact in all seven dimensions of wellness!